Now you're about to enter to virtual cave. Though you can do it in easier way: just view all the photos outside virtual cave HERE. But You won't experience those feelings... at least their shadows as you walk through the cave labyrinth.

You can see english comments at the upper left conner of cave step pages. Sorry, at this moment not all photos have english comments (and some photos really need it). Unfortunately it is difficult to translate all the information placed on the russian pages of this site. But don't hesitate to ask me about anything in cave or just so... :)

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Before you start, note that:

  • probably it'll be usefull to read some avdices on the page Easy way
  • you have map of the cave
  • you can visit cave without walking through its labyrinth, just go here
  • those who visit walking throuh cave place where the Way to Brontozaurus Hall starts, will receive prize (virtual :)! (This place is on the bottom left corner of the map) Look at heroes in Hall of Bronto-fame!
  • I would recommend you to make record in Message book of the virtual cave ;)
  • selected photos are on the page About


Now there are 312 steps in cave

Entrance into virtual cave

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