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Music of Silence

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Painted metal

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Have you ever felt an infinity? Cave and ambient music can help you. Infinity and cave, symbol of closed space? No, you just turn off the light. And listen to... not yourself... the Universe.

The Best of The Best

Here are some mp3-tracks from the big collection of my favorite music on

Some links:
  • Epsilon
  • Ambient Music, Beginnings and Implications
  • Essential Ambient Info
  • Ambience For The Masses
  • CD & mp3 - list of Sergey Shteinle   Zip-file of this list in txt format HERE.
  • My CD-list (19.02.06)    Zip-file of this list in rtf format HERE.
  • CD-list of Andrey Komarov

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Sun eclipse

Real sun eclipse

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